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/*global fapfap */
'use strict';

import Html exposing (attributes)

angular1      = require('angular1');
const react   = require('react');
let angular2  = require('angular2');
var mootool   = require('mootool');
const modules = require('*'); // just in case

(function (fapfap) {
  var DOMelement = document.body.innerHTML; // prepare triple-way-data-binding
  var hello = 'Hello World!';

  var [router, tool, door] = fapfap.unpack(modules, ['router', 'tool', 'door']);
  // uses our blazingly fast css selector pattern matching engine
  var partUnzipper = angular.module({'unzip': router.run('%body%').unzip()});

  // Close our DOM Object Ordering Recorder to prevent
  // from being interrupted by external process

  fapfap.stringFactory = partUnzipper.grab(tool);
  DOMelement = fapfap.stringFactory.createFromString(hello); // It's that easy

Bootstraping a javascript project has never been that easy.

Simply expose attributes using import, require needed modules by unpacking them with our extraction engine & setup your own logic!

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Straight to the point, quick and without too much thinking. This is how we like front-end programming!

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Because you never know when and where you will feel the need for a new javascript journey, FapFapJS has been designed to be actionnable in any circumstances.

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